Can you give us air fares for International sectors and can I avail fares for International flights around the globe through this site?

This is not a travel site. We do not offer airfares for any destinations except for those that are a part of the tour within India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Tibet. This is a TOURISM site; spend time on this site ONLY if you wish to take a TOUR of India and its neighboring countries.

How much of India should I be aware of before surfing on the site?

It is suggested that you read up a little about India before you go through the content of this site. It is NOT necessary that you know all the places; just let us know what kind of holiday you are looking for and we will suggest to you various options.

How much information on India can I get from this site?

This site does not impart information on India as such. For information, we recommend that you first spend time at the Lonely Planet or Rough Guide site and then come back. Choose one of the experiences the site offer and write in to us and we will weave out a program based on your inputs and choice of experience you wish to have.

What all can I book though this site? What exactly does it offer?

This site offers you choices of experience. Once you write to us with your choice, we start working on suggestions that you will be sent. You go through these suggestions and tell us which one fits best to the images you have in your mind. That is when we make a program out for us. We sell packages ONLY that include various aspects of your tour and do not encourage just hotel bookings.

Which destination does this site offer? Does it cover just India?

Once again - the site offers experiences within India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Tibet. For the later two - services are more or less the same that you would get anywhere else. For the first three - we DO make efforts to make out programs based on one single factor - YOUR images of what a holiday in this part of the world should be like.

Can we see pictures of places included in different tours in different cities?

In the site, you see will quite a lot of visuals and we encourage you to be guided by them; if you wish to “see??? the places that appear on the photos – tell us. The Camera section offers you a substantial range of visuals and they are also for sale for one time use basis.

What kind of visa should I apply for?

It is advisable to apply for double entry visa. Most people travel to Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet from here and come back for flight connection. In such cases, it is most important that one has a double entry visa. Also, make sure you have complied to any kind of medical stipulation that might be mandatory while traveling to India. Your visa officer will give you this information.